Former Premier League goalkeeper Shaka Hislop collapsed on live TV US News

Former West Ham goalkeeper Shaka Hislop fainted during live broadcast of Real Madrid-AC Milan match in California.

The 54 year old Super League Starr was working as an analyst for ESPN when he started feeling unwell.

As he spoke with host Dan Thomas, he stumbled backwards before falling face-first to the ground.

Thomas called for help, the staff rushed to assist Hislop, and the channel switched to commercial time.

ESPN later tweeted that Shaka was “conscious and speaking” and was being treated by paramedics.

According to reports, the temperature in California on Sunday was about 30 degrees Celsius.

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“This is good news”

In a half-time update, Thomas said: “Obviously my teammate Shaka is not here, but as things stand, it’s good news.

“He’s conscious, he’s talking, and I think he’s a little bit embarrassed about it all. He’s deeply apologetic – he’s not someone who likes people making a fuss about him.

“Obviously it’s too early to make any diagnosis but what’s important is that Shaka is conscious and we’ve also spoken to his family because you can imagine seeing this happen at the scene and there couldn’t be more in a family that scares you.

“We’ve spoken to his wife and everything looks good.”

Thomas paused and joked, “Silly Shaka.”

He added: “Thank you all for the love, as things stand, Shaka looks like he’s going to be fine.”

Hislop played for West Ham United twice in 1998-2002 and 2005-2006. He also played for Newcastle United and Trinidad and Tobago.

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